55 fiction

55 fiction is an attempt to tell an entire story in just 55 words (excluding the title).

More details about this literary form can be found here, where it all began.

Friends Reunited

I trust they’re happy, together again after all these years.

We were rivals for her hand, you see. After he ‘disappeared’ (he’d had to go – I knew where!) she was soon mine… but when she found the box, it was over, and I sent her to join him. They’re sleeping together now.

Requiescat in pace.

October 2004

How I became responsible

”Don’t worry, it won’t rain if you take the umbrella,” a prediction that always proved true.

So I carried it always, enjoying the sunshine, until drought shriveled crops and withered dreams. Then I stopped, staying indoors to watch TV instead.

One day, I switched on the news: ”Floods kill 32. When will the deluge end?”

May 2004