About me

Alastair Millar is an archaeologist by training, a translator by trade and a nerd by nature. A Briton by birth, he studied Architecture before graduating with a first class degree in Archaeology from the University of London (Institute of Archaeology, UCL). He has worked in the Czech Republic and former Czechoslovakia since 1991, becoming a permanent resident in 1994, and a dual national in 2016. Married with two adult children, he enjoys good books, bad puns and travelling.

In addition to numerous non-fiction translations, his short fiction has been published by US Army TRADOC, 365tomorrows, Microfiction Monday Magazine, ScribesMICROFiction, Rune Bear Weekly, The Drabble, The Centifictionist, The Write-In, 50-Word Stories, 101words, A Story In 100 Words and 50 Give or Take. He has also been shortlisted in Tortive Theatre’s #flashfiction101 competition.

Links to his previously published short fiction can be found at https://linktr.ee/alastairmillar and he lurks on Twitter @skriptorium.