About me

Alastair Millar is an archaeologist by training, a translator by trade and a nerd by nature. A Briton by birth, he studied Architecture before graduating with a first class degree in Archaeology from the University of London (Institute of Archaeology, UCL). He has worked in the Czech Republic and former Czechoslovakia since 1991, becoming a permanent resident in 1994, and a dual national in 2016. Married with two adult children, he enjoys good books, bad puns and travelling.

A freelance translator and proofreader since 1997, he specialises primarily in archaeology, the historical sciences and the humanities. The material he works on ranges from press releases, company reports and social media posts to websites, correspondence and books, as well as academic research articles for prestigious international journals. His clients include numerous museums, research institutes, corporations and individuals in the Czech Republic and abroad.

In addition, his short fiction has been published by US Army TRADOC, 365tomorrows, Microfiction Monday Magazine, ScribesMICROFiction, Rune Bear Weekly, The Drabble, The Centifictionist, The Write-In, 50-Word Stories, 101words, A Story In 100 Words and Vine Leaves’ Press 50 Give or Take series. He has also been shortlisted in Tortive Theatre’s #flashfiction101 competition.

Links to his previously published short fiction can be found at https://linktr.ee/alastairmillar. He is @skriptorium on Twitter, Instagram, CounterSocial, Post and Hive Social, and @skriptorium@zirk.us on Mastodon. He is also on LinkedIn.