Repairing my online presence

The internet is a wonderful beast, but sometimes needs taming, and my internet pages were getting a little wild and unruly… so I have been slowly forcing them into some kind of order.

Firstly and most importantly, I have regained control over the and web domains; as some of you know, I am still dealing with the effects of a (very) near death experience in early 2008, and loss of the domains was part of the collateral damage. With these back, I now have an online base to work from again.

In addition to providing a platform for my business information, I have moved my occasional blog over here from Blogspot (you’re reading it!) – it’s now on WordPress, still has RSS support, and hopefully I shall neglect it less now! I have also imported some creative writing from its old home on Google Pages. Having as much as possible in one place seems sensible.

Sorting out my social media profiles was also necessary. My Facebook page is primarily for personal use, and I didn’t want to change that – it will continue to be used for personal and family info, jokes and funny stuff, and links/commentary on current affairs.

Archaeology, cultural and linguistic posts, though, will in future be going on the new Skriptorium Facebook page – so please follow it! (This new page is obviously more closely tied to my work, but will contain a lot of general interest too).

At the insistence of a friend, you can also now find me on LinkedIn, which again is oriented more towards work than friends and family – but you’re welcome to add me there if I haven’t already tracked you down! 😉

Lastly, I’m experimenting with using Instagram for some of my heritage and architecture photography, so if you’re an Instagrammer don’t forget to follow me there as well.

So there you have it – a new and more organised strategy for the internet. Your comments, ideas and suggestions on any/all of the above would be more than welcome. See you out there soon!